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Cambodia: Road Accident and Emergency Care in Siem Reap

Hit by a car in National Road 6 - emergency services and travel insurance comes into play.... **warning** not for the squeamish

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The Accident

As I was crossing the National Road 6 to get into the orphanage, a car, doing approximately 120kms came out of nowhere and hit me/my bike at full pace.
I can only remember the car approaching, the new few moments are a blank.

I woke up, seemingly 20 minutes later, with a crowd around me and a friend from the orphanage holding a towel on my head.
An ambulance shortly arrived and took me to hospital on stretcher.
An immigration police officer was with the ambulance and asked what happened.
He said my bike was destroyed - a friend too a photo before it was taken away - like a crushed can.
Nurses gave me local anaethsetic around the injuries.

Hospital #1

We arrived at the hospital - somewhere in Siem Reap. Nurses quickly pulled the asphalt from my head and stitched up my wounds - face and legs.
My neck hurt real bad, and couldn't support my head.
No neck brace was available.

Insurance and Embassy Response

In serious pain and not sure about the standards of the hospital (floor was filthy and bathroom had grotty water leaking everywhere), I called my country's embassy to see what to do next.
The lady who took my call didn't really know what to do. She looked on Google as I waited for her to find an international hospital, and had no idea really how to help.
A friend from the orphanage called my hotel and told my friend there what happened. Luckily he knew of Ankor International Hospital and said I should get there straight away.
I told the doctor at my current hospital.
He said it's fine to move, but I need to pay my bill (in cash only) of USD$260.
I had no cash, and the bill was too much for anyone around me to front.
I called the Embassy again - no help at all. I started to get nervous.
I called my insurance company and everything turned around!
They said just to hold tight...I lay still.
30 minutes later an ambulance from Ankor International Hospital arrived with a local agent from my insurance company.
He paid my bill in cash, whilst an ambulance officer put my neck in a brace, and I was off to the international hospital.
I have to say here that i will be writing a letter to my foreign affairs department to ask "WTF?!".

Hospital #2

At Ankor International Hospital I received the best care ever. My insurance company paid bills on the fly, so there was no concern over finance, and the surgeons discussed my condition with corresponding surgeons in Australia who represented my insurance company.
I had 3 huge meals per day, as chosen from an extensive menu, and they even treated my hiccups with a little miracle cure!
My suite was huge - leather sofas, amazing bathroom, mini bar, etc - plus cable TV.
I had to stay for 5 days before I was given to all clear to go home.
Thankfully my father came over straight over to look after me too.
After the surgeon in Siem Reap gave me the all clear to fly the insurance company made arrangements for us both to return to Melbourne (first class whooop!)
My friends from the orphanage came to visit me every day (a 20km journey), which was just so wonderful.

This isn't an ad for travel insurance by the way - but if you want to know who I was with, just message me.
If you got to Siem Reap, please be careful of traffic, and take out good insurance!


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