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Saint Lucia

One week in St Lucia...

Experiencing the tiny mountainous island that honeymooners and trekkers alike flock to...


St Lucia

St Lucia is a small, gorgeous, mountainous island in the Minor Antilles region of the Caribbean.
I visited friends who were working on various volunteer programs, and also visited some of the many natural wonders of the island... including the exhausting but worthwhile climb of Petit Piton.

St Lucia is gorgeous and serene, and a popular spot for honeymooners.


St Lucia changed hands between the French and British many, many times. As a result, the language and culture is equally influenced by both colonists.
The Creole language in St Lucia is dominated by French vocabulary and I really couldn't understand any of it. In shops, markets, the street... people speak the French Creole, though the official national language is English - spoken in schools and across tourism sectors.


The capital is a little rough around the edges, but has a very friendly vibe. Unless you have a specific reason to be there, I wouldn't bother.

Rodney Bay

This is the best spot in the island. A fantastic array of nightlife and restaurants, a marvellous beach, etc etc.
My pals took me to a tennis lesson at Hotel Blu there which run every Sunday morning - which was totally awesome.

Vigie Light House

We hiked up to the Lighthouse in Vigie. Some of the best panoramic views of the island can be found here.
The manager of the lighthouse is a really jovial fellow who can show you around to the best view points.

Auberge Seraphine

This is a very posh hotel with a lovely restaurant, at the edge of a gorgeous bay. My pals and I enjoyed an amazing Sunday lunch there, and then explored the magnificent grounds of the hotel!

Climbing Gros Piton

I climbed this magnificent wonder with a guide (you can't go without one). We reached the top in roughly 1.5 hours from memory, moving at a pretty swift pace. It's a steep climb, and difficult in parts, but the views are very much well worth it!!!

Lunch at Ladera

The photo should say it all... yes that's Gros Piton that I climed the day prior to this lunch. Really amazing views, great food and amazing surrounds.
It looked like a really nice hotel to stay too.

Thanks St Lucia

St Lucia is a beautiful mountainous island with many adventures to be had. One week was more than enough though.
If you're planning a holiday to St Lucia, you'll see how incredibly expensive it is. I had a great time ad glad I stopped by.

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